Javier Achievements

Welcome to Gaucho’s Boxing Club

“Professional Fighter or Not”
Owner, Javier “El Gaucho” Diez, has extensive knowledge and experience with teaching people at all fitness and experience levels. Javier utilizes a high-energy strength training program and the discipline of the sport of boxing to encourage people in attaining their personal goals, whether that is an in-ring competition fighter, a regular person who wants to be “in the best shape of their lives,” or someone who wants to cross-train to sharpen their skill level. Gaucho’s Boxing offers adult classes, junior classes, in-ring sparring and individual private training. Javier is a trainer who can motivate people beyond their own expectations and get them into “fighting shape.”

“iTunes App Available” The “Sweet Science: Boxing Techniques by Javier Diez” is a video collection of over 30 instructional boxing videos, all shot in HD. Check out how to throw punches correctly, offensive moves, defensive blocks and much, much more. Search “Sweet Science” on iTunes App Store.

“Junior Classes”
Javier’s “Juniors Classes” are very popular. Javier exercises their energy and eagerness to good use. Along with proper fighting technique, the Juniors also learn how to strengthen and condition their bodies . . . all while having fun. The discipline and dedication they gain while training with Javier will serve them well in all areas of their lives. Ages 8-16.

Fight Team 2012
Fight Team 2013